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hen Dr. Anton Mercer, an evil paleontologist, unleashes his Dino Zords -- creatures of incredible strength and intelligence -- on the world, Dr. Tommy Oliver, a mild-mannered high school teacher, must stop him. Reigniting his secret past as the Black Power Ranger, Oliver recruits three students as Rangers. But can a rebellious basketball star, a beautiful loner musician, and a laid-back champion gamer become superheroes in time to vanquish Mercer and his mutant warriors?

A New Team. A Fierce Power. Coming to ABC & ABC Family in February 2004!

Set Photos
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NS / DT Promo #1.ram
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ABC Family Promo #2
No. 1 & No. 2]

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    Black Dino Thunder         Red Dino Thunder     Yellow Dino Thunder  Blue Dino Thunder          White Dino Thunder
      Tommy Oliver                 Conner McBride                 Kira Ford                 Ethan James                Identity Unknown
News & Updates

01/24/04 > Cast section updated. Also check out the
Power Rangers Dino Thunder press release (major spoiler warning)!

11/26/03 > As you may know, Tommy's return has been confirmed in the new ABC Family promo (check the new promo and caps links to the left). Some new cast photos and a Cast section were also added.

11/06/03 > Cast photos added. They may be eventually be replaced with better ones. For some set photos and casting news, check out
this recent livejournal entry.

09/07/03 > Added download link to the first Dino Thunder promo to the left, featured on the Power Rangers Ninja Storm "Looming Thunder" and "Thunder Strikers" VHS tapes.

6/20/03 > Webpage layout first created and placed online. I believe the "Tommy returning" thing to be atleast 90% true, even with Doug Sloan recently denying it. If it ends up that it isn't, I'll change it ASAP.
Jason David Frank
as Dr. Tommy Oliver

James Napier
as Conner McKnight

Emma Lahana
as Kira Ford

Kevin Duhaney
as Ethan James

Tom Hern as Devin
Katrina Devine as Cassidy
Jeffrey Parazzo as Trent
Islay Johnston as Haylay

Latham Gaines as
Dr. Anton Mercer / Mesogog

Miriama Smith
as Ilsa / Principal Randall