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Three rebellious students are the last ones remaining at their ninja academy after evil aliens attack the Earth. With mankind at the brink of destruction, the fate of the world lies in the hands of these unlikely heroes. Their ninja master teaches them to harness ancient mystical energies that transform them into Power Rangers.

They join forces with two students from a rival school, and Power Rangers Ninja Storm is born, ready to save the world once more.

This eleventh season of Power Rangers will air on ABC & ABC Family.
Media & Images:

Licensing Show Pictures from
prns-show01.jpg ][ prns-show02.jpg ]

Ninja Storm Casting Scriptlets:
Tori (Blue) / Shane (Red) : [ Page 1 ][ Page 2 ]
Kim /
Dustin (Yellow) : [ Page 1 ][ Page 2 ]

Ninja Storm ABC Family Teaser 1 Audio (60sec):
PRNS_ABC_Family_Teaser_01.mp3 ]

Ninja Storm ABC Kids Promo (30sec):
PRNS_ABC_Kids_30s.mpg ]

Ninja Storm Press Photos:
Shane - Red Wind Ranger ][ Tori - Blue Wind Ranger ]
Dustin - Yellow Wind Ranger ]
Hunter & Blake - Crimson & Navy Thunder Rangers ]
Cam ][ Kapri, Marah & Lothor - Villians ]
(Thanks RangerSite)

Ninja Storm: The Music

Ninja Storm theme (60sec):
PRNS_theme.mp3 ]
(Thanks RangerFan192)

Relient K - Pressing On (3 1/2 mins):
PRNS_RelientK_PressingOn.mp3 ]
(Featured in episode 1304: "Looming Thunder": The scene at Storm Chargers when Blake & Hunter first met Tori & Shane.)

If any of these downloads aren't working for you, try again later.

More coming soon!
Shane, the Red Ranger
Tori, the Blue Ranger
Dustin, the Yellow Ranger
Hunter, the Crimson Ranger
Blake, the Navy Ranger
The Rangers
The Zords
Red HawkZord
Blue DolphinZord
Yellow LionZord
Crimson Thunder InsectiZord
Navy Thunder BeetleZord
Main Cast:

Pua Magasiva as Shane Clarke, Red Wind Power Ranger
Glenn McMillan as Dustin Brooks, Yellow Wind Power Ranger
Sally Martin as Tori Hanson, Blue Wind Power Ranger
Adam Tuominen as Hunter Bradley, Crimson Thunder Power Ranger
Jorgito Vargas as Blake Bradley, Navy Thunder Power Ranger

Supporting Cast:

Jason Chan as Cam Watanabe

Grant McFarland as Sensei Kanoi Watanabe & Voice of Sensei Guinea Pig

Grant McFarland as Lothor
Katrina Devine as Marah
Katrina Browne as Kapri

Megan Nicol as Kelly Holloway

Jay Bunyan as [Role TBA]
Ari Boyland as [Role TBA]

Executive Producers:
Douglas Sloan and Ann Austen (aka Ann Knapp)
[former writers & producers on PR during 1993-1997]

Co-Executive Producer & Episodic Director:
Koichi Sakamoto

Janine Dickens
Ninja Storm Airdates:
Two Episodes Every Saturday @ 11:30AM ET on ABC
One Episode Every Weekend @ 8:30AM ET on ABC Family
Check out the
airing schedule for more info!

News & Updates:

05/16/2003 > Possibly my final update for this page: I added the true character names for the Rangers, Cam and Sensei. The beginnings of my
Dino Thunder page are now also online.

03/05/2003 > I added an mp3 of the song featured in last week's episode, Relient K's "Pressing On".

02/03/2003 > Six Ninja Storm press photos added to the left, thanks to

01/19/2003 > Five new promos aired today and they're available to download at
Storm Front. They're in RealMedia format though. I'm be waiting for MPEG myself. Or Windows Media format is great too. Check out for all the new promos in Windows Media. Smaller file size, yet still pretty good image quality.

01/12/2003 > Updated with the new ABC Kids promo that premiered yesterday to the right and some small corrections/updates to the info above.

12/22/2002 > I have uploaded the Ninja Storm theme mp3 and the link is to the right.
Power Rangers Central and Custis' site both have the 1min promo available for download that the theme came from originally.

12/14/2002 > Custis has uploaded the four Ninja Storm Ranger Profile promos to his site, and has added a few captures from them as well. Click
here to check it out.

Ninja Storm News Archive
Ninja Storm Press Release