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Ten Red Rangers from the series' history unite to rid the world of the menacing Machine Empire and Serpentera, once and for all. Never before have ten Red Rangers joined forces to battle the forces of evil. 

Buried underneath the surface of the Moon lies the dreaded
Serpentera, the most powerful Zord ever built.  It has remained undisturbed for years but now, the forces of evil have rediscovered this colossal menace.

Airdates: 10/05/2002 at Noon ET on ABC & 10/12/2002 at 8:30AM ET on ABC Family. For later airings, check out the
airing schedule.

Or, buy the "Ultimate Rangers" DVD (including "Forever Red" & seven other episodes) when it's released April 1st, 2003.
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Cast List:
Austin St. John - Jason Lee Scott / Red Mighty Morphin'
David Bacon - Aurico / Red Alien

Jason David Frank - Tommy Oliver / Red Zeo
Selwyn Ward - TJ Johnson / Red Turbo
Christopher Lee - Andros / Red Space
Danny Slavin - Leo Corbett / Red Galaxy
Sean Cw Johnson - Carter Greyson / Red Lightspeed
Jason Faunt - Wes Collins / Red Time Force
Daniel Southworth - Eric Myers / Quantum Time Force
Ricardo Medina, Jr. - Cole Evans / Red Wild Force
Paul Schrier - Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Jason Narvy - Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch

Richard Wood (aka voice of Alpha 5) - Alpha 7
Archie Kao (aka Kai, Former Blue Ranger) - General Venjix
Catherine Sutherland (aka Kat, Former Pink Ranger) - Tezzla
Walter Jones (aka Zack, Former Black Ranger) - Gerrok

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Forever Red Media:
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